Van breakdown

Van breakdown insurance

We understand that your van is integral to your business - whether you're a self-employed bricklayer, electrician or plasterer. Our car breakdown cover ensures your van is seen to by professional breakdown services while helping you get back to your job as quickly as possible.

Van Breakdown and Rescue Service underwritten by LPG for £46.00 (inc. IPT)

Our van breakdown and rescue cover includes:

  • Vehicle Recovery (to the nearest available garage)
  • Roadside Assistance (including any call out fees and labour charges required to start the vehicle)
  • Home Start Service (for breakdowns at or near your home)
  • Message Service (the Rescue Control Centre can contact family or colleagues on your behalf)
  • View the documents below for the full terms and conditions of the policy

Computerquote Van Breakdown

Setting up your van breakdown cover

We will require details on how you use your van, your insurance details, whether you require roadside assistance, onward journey cover and temporary accommodation.

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