Dog insurance

Dog insurance

They look at you with their puppy eyes and you can’t resist, giving in and giving them a treat. Or two! It’s true, a dog is a man’s best friend, they’re loyal, loving and a source of great enjoyment. Which is why, if they become ill or get injured, we want to ensure they have access to veterinary treatment right away.

Pet insurance quote

Do I need dog insurance?

Because there is no pet NHS, we pay privately for our dog’s healthcare. However, the costs of check-ups, diagnosis, medicine and treatments can quickly escalate. This is where pet insurance comes in. The way to ensure your beloved pooch gets the treatment they need, without breaking the bank.

Computerquote Insurance offers a range of pet insurance covers to suit your needs.  

What we need to know

  • Your basic personal details – name, address, contact details
  • Your pet’s details
  • Where it's kept
  • How much you paid for it
  • Whether they have been microchipped or tagged
  • Weight
  • Breed – pedigree or mixed
  • Health – any pre-existing medical conditions
  • Whether it’s to be used in sports or work
  • When you’d like the policy to start

General exclusions

We will not cover the following:

  • Dogs listed in the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991/7
  • Dogs with pre-existing medical conditions
  • General treatments such as flea control and worming
  • Routine spay

Top 5 reasons to choose Computerquote for dog insurance

We specialise in cat and dog pet insurance policies, with expert advisors on hand to ensure any claim is dealt with quickly. 

  • In-house veterinary nurses – their knowledge and expertise help assess your claims
  • Online claim tracking
  • Download paperwork online so your vet can validate your claim
  • Friendly pet insurance experts based in Hampshire

Pet insurance quote