Pet insurance

Pet insurance

Pet insurance customers in financial difficulty as a result of Covid–19 

We understand that our customers financial circumstances may have been affected by Covid-19. We may be able to reduce the cost of your cover by reviewing your current requirements. Please contact us to discuss how we can help.

If you are paying for your cover by monthly instalments, and have not yet received financial support you can apply for a deferral of payment. Should you wish to apply for this please click here, complete the form and we’ll be in touch with you.

Computerquote Pet Insurance 

Our adorable pets are considered part of the family, but unfortunately, there’s no NHS for our furry friends. Computerquote Pet insurance gives you peace of mind if the unexpected happens to your cat or dog. 

Pet insurance protects pet owners against unexpected and costly vet bills arise from an accident or illness. Taking your pet to the vet can cost hundreds of pounds (going into the thousands for more complex cases), therefore, a pet insurance policy will ensure that you can go when required without worrying about cost. 

Getting the right cover for your cat or dog is easy with Computerquote Insurance. Policies start from as little as £4.48* a month for cats and £7.59* a month for dogs.

*15% of Computerquote Pet Insurance Value Accident policy holders paid this amount or less in 2019.

To find you the right pet insurance policy, you will be asked a series of basic personal questions and details about your pet.

Pet insurance quote

Basic questions

  • Where is your pet is kept?
  • How did you pay for your pet?
  • Has your pet been microchipped or tagged?
  • What is the current health of your pet?
  • Do they have any pre-existing medical conditions?
  • Has the pet been neutered or spayed?
  • Are your pet's vaccinations are up to date?

Pet details

  • Behaviour
  • Taken to work
  • Used as a guard dog
  • Used for sports 
  • Used for breeding

Pet insurance FAQs

Pet insurance guides

Top tip #1: Most insurance policies will not cover pre-existing medical conditions

Top tip #2: Check the payout clauses of the policy (per claim and total)

Pet insurance quote

Download the pet insurance terms of business