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 Computerquote Excess Protection

Submitting a claim through your insurance policy can often be costly. Although you may receive most of your expenses back, paying an excess is not always financially viable.

That’s where Excess Reimbursement insurance could help.  It will allow you to recover the costs of your insurance policy excess up to the value of £750 and prices start from as little as £19.10 (including Insurance Premium Tax at the current rate).

The benefits of Excess Reimbursement insurance from Computerquote Insurance are: 

  • Covers all motor, home, travel and pet insurance policies in your name that are not used for business purposes
  • Can be used on insurance policies purchased from other providers as well as Computerquote Insurance
  • Can be purchased alongside your main insurance policy or as a separate policy

For more information about our Excess Reimbursement insurance, please contact the Computerquote Insurance team on 0800 389 9949.  

Download the Excess Reimbursement insurance policy wording

How to claim

  1. To make a claim under this policy, call the Excess Reimbursement Claims Department on 01904 238281.
  2. Please quote your name and address, and where you bought the policy from (i.e. Computerquote Insurance)
  3. Any claim must be reported within 28 days of the settlement of the initial claim being made to you by your insurer.

Computerquote Policy Excess Protect Insurance is arranged and administered by General Legal Protection Limited and underwritten by Amtrust Europe Limited.