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We’re talking about the unusual properties that have a unique feature, from water mills and castes to breweries and converted churches. If your  home is quirky or just a little alternative to the standard two up, two down, speak to Computerquote Insurance about your unusual property insurance.

What is considered unusual construction?

Properties that are of unusual construction may be exposed to a range of risks that standard houses do not face. For example, if your property is built from anything other than brick walls and tiled roof then it is likely to be considered unusual construction. 

Properties built with limestone, timber frame, thatched roofs or a barn conversion, it will be considered a property of unusual construction. Timber framed houses and steel framed properties are examples that fall under this category. 

Why are they categorised under specialist home insurance?

The risks of a property that are not built with standard building materials can be difficult and expensive to repair. Assessing the risks of non-standard construction can be complex, therefore harder to set an appropriate home insurance premium. This is why specialist home insurance will need to be arranged for your home.

Unusual or non-standard property construction will require a specially worded insurance policy to protect your property. Whether it’s a modern eco-build or traditional Tudor property, we will find the right cover for you. 

Getting the right unusual construction building insurance

Home insurance providers such as Computerquote Insurance, will ask how your property is constructed. It is important to answer honestly, as failure to disclose any relevant information will invalidate your insurance policy. This means that if you were to claim on your insurance, and it is discovered that you have not provided the correct information, then the insurer will not pay out in the event of a claim. 

Our home insurance team are experts in providing specialist home insurance. We will ask the relevant questions and ensure you have the right cover in place. If you want a great deal on specialist home insurance, call Computerquote Insurance for a quote on 0800 328 5524 / 023 9224 7855.

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