Unoccupied property

Unoccupied property insurance

Properties can be unoccupied for a range of reasons, including awaiting sale or probate, renovations and health care reasons. Unoccupied or vacant properties in the eyes of insurers are deemed to be of a higher risk due to lower security and maintenance. 

Standard insurance policies will not cover properties that have been left unoccupied for more than 30 consecutive days. We also provide second home insurance and holiday home insurance.

When is my property considered unoccupied?

Properties are considered to be unoccupied when left vacant for more than 30 consecutive days. However, we understand that people enjoy extended holidays, therefore we can arrange cover for unoccupied homes for more than 60 days.

Examples include:

  • Awaiting probate
  • Awaiting sale or occupation
  • Undergoing refurbishment or renovation
  • Second home or illness (into care)

Vacant properties

If you know that your property is going to be unoccupied for more than 60 days, call Computerquote Insurance and we can arrange the correct specialist insurance cover.

Why are they categorised under specialist home insurance?

Vacant properties and unoccupied properties command specialist insurance due to the higher risk of vandalism, theft, flood, fire and squatters.

Unoccupied properties - key considerations

  • Regular inspections of the property
  • Must be in a good state of repair – cannot be boarded up / derelict
  • Prompt repair work when necessary
  • Secure – approved locks on doors and windows
  • Seal letter boxes to prevent vandalism
  • Burglar alarm – advisable
  • All valuables and high-risk items to be removed
  • Utilities – switch off utilities – water and gas
  • Heating – minim temperature in winter months
  • Outward appearance – timer switches for lights / neighbour – park car in driveway

Pay As You GoSpecialist home insurance for unoccupied or vacant properties

Our Pay As You Go payment option allows you to cover vacant properties or unoccupied properties for as long as you need, without cancellation fees. This ensures that you have the right specialist home insurance for the time you need. 

Computerquote Insurance provides specialist home insurance for properties that are unoccupied or vacant. Our home insurance advisors will go through the details to ensure you have the right cover, at the best rate offered by our panel of insurers.

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