Property renovations


Renovating your home, must advise insurance broker before works commence to ensure specialist home insurance is in place and insured to the level of works being undertaken.

Major renovations: advise us of any major structural changes to property – walls being knocked down, extension built, loft conversions

Lots of works: if you are undertaking lots of non-major renovations that costs more than £100,000 or lasts longer than six months.

JCT: Any works that are subject to the Joint Contracts Tribunal (JCT) conditions.

Personalised specialist quote

Computerquote Insurance provide specialist home insurance for properties that will be undergoing renovations. We will need the following information to provide a quote:

  • Timeframe – the start and finish date of project
  • Who is doing the work – you / family or employing tradespersons?
  • Does your contractor / builder have an All Risks policy
  • Have you been advised to sign a JCT Contract? Usually recommended by architects
  • Cost of renovation including VAT
  • What is being changed and how

Keeping your insurer informed

It is important to keep us updated with any changes and developments in the property renovation project. This is necessary to help prevent any claim delays or rejections.

Why do I need specialist insurance for renovations?

All big property renovation projects have a whole host of inherent risks attached, as changes to the property can result in unforeseen problems, accidents and costs. The overall risk is difficult to assess as all renovation projects are different, therefore placing a premium on the policy will need to be calculated by a home insurance advisor.

Pay As You GoPay As You Go

Our Pay As You Go monthly instalment plan for home insurance is ideal for when you are renovating your property. It allows you to have short-term insurance or open-ended insurance, without cancellation fees. This ensures that you have the right specialist home insurance for the time you need. 

Specialist home insurance quote request