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Computerquote Insurance provide listed building insurance for properties in England, Wales and Scotland. If your property is considered of architectural or historical importance, you will require specialist buildings and contents insurance that covers the status of the building. 

What are listed buildings?

Listed buildings form part of the historic environment (built at least 30 years ago), and will be on the Statutory List of Buildings of Special Architectural or Historical Interest. The buildings must meet certain criteria, covering age, rarity, aesthetic merits, selectivity and national interest. They will then be graded in terms of exceptional importance (grade I), more than special interest (grade II*), national importance and special interest (grade II).

Listed or heritage buildings are legally protected, and owners of the properties can face criminal prosecution and fines if modifications take place without consent. These buildings may not be demolished, modified or extended without approval from the local planning authority, which is then typically referred to the relevant central government agency. 

Is my property a listed building?

You can check the National Heritage List for England, the official database for national designated heritage sites.

Why are they categorised under specialist home insurance?

The age of listed buildings have a range of potential problems you would expect from old properties, including damp, decay, flooding and drainage. There is the legal obligation of restoring the property if it becomes damaged, which may require specialist materials and contractors, resulting in a greater rebuild cost, therefore, more expensive to insure.

Getting the right listed building insurance

It is important to obtain a professional property valuation to ensure you have the right level of cover. Once this has been completed, we offer a fully advised insurance broker service to ensure you have the correct cover for your home. 

What we need to know:

  • Type of property
  • Year property built
  • Liable to subsidence?
  • Liable to landslip?
  • Liable to flooding?
  • Type of cover required – Buildings / Buildings and contents
  • Buildings sum insured (rebuild cost – valuation)?
  • Property construction
  • Roof construction
  • Listed status
  • England / Wales (Grade I, Grade II*, Grade II)
  • Scotland (Grade A, Grade B,  Grade C)

Top tips

#1 Modifying or making changes to listed buildings: You must get consent from the local authority before making changes to your listed building. If you do not get written consent to make changes, you may be fined and will have to return the property back to the original condition. Without prior approval, you will also invalidate your insurance by not following the correct procedure. 

#2 Reduce your risks: Electrical inspections every five years

#3 Reduce your risks: Use highly sensitive smoke alarms

#4 Reduce your risks: Regularly clear gutters and pipes

#5 Reduce your risks: BS3621 locks and alarms

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