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Whether you’re renting out a flat or house, you will require specialist landlord residential property insurance. As a landlord, you will need to protect your investment and your financial security with dedicated landlords insurance. 

Remember: Standard home insurance isn’t designed for let properties; therefore any claims made will be dismissed, resulting in a costly process for you.

What is let property insurance

As with all properties, it is important to have robust buildings insurance in place to protect property damage, public liability insurance, loss of rent, lock cover and alternative accommodation costs. 

Landlord’s insurance

Computerquote Insurance offers competitive let property buildings insurance, which can include the following covers:

  • Landlord’s liability
  • Landlord’s contents
  • Legal expenses
  • Tenancy disputes and rent guarantee
  • Home assistance

The right landlord’s cover

As an insurance broker, we will offer you a range of options from our insurer panel. We can advise on the right level of cover suitable for you, and add optional extras to ensure you get the protection you require. 

Why is it considered specialist home insurance?

Whether you’re a first-time landlord or you own several let properties, renting property out to tenants is considered a business, therefore comes with a whole host of additional risks in the eyes of insurers. In addition to protecting the property itself, there is also the landlord’s responsibility for the tenants, accidental damage, contents insurance, loss of rent and alternative accommodation in the event of an uninhabitable incident.

Buy-to-let insurance from Computerquote Insurance

We offer a robust landlord’s insurance for single properties. We will go through your let property details to ensure you have the right cover in place without paying over the odds. 

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