Criminal convictions

Criminal convictions home insurance

Do you have a criminal conviction and find it hard to get home insurance cover? Computerquote Insurance provides specialist home insurance to those who have a history of criminal convictions. 

Criminal convictions summary

You will be asked if you have any criminal convictions when quoting for any insurance. This includes anything from a prison sentence to littering (motoring convictions do not apply). 

Convictions apply to any person living at the property, including the policy holder, spouse, children and lodgers. 

Unspent criminal convictions

Any unspent convictions and pending prosecutions must be declared – these are convictions which have resulted in a prison sentence of over four years (these will never become spent). 

Convictions become spent after a certain date of the conviction. Check to see if the conviction is spent here:

We will ask the following:

  • Offence convicted of
  • Date of sentence
  • Sentence received
  • Additional details*

*Additional details surrounding the offence which can assist the insurer’s ability to provide cover at a competitive rate.

Spent convictions

You do not need to disclose spent convictions.  If you do disclose previous spent convictions, this information may be sent to the insurer for consideration; however, they will not take this into account when deciding on offering home insurance cover. The majority of spent convictions will not affect your home insurance quote; therefore you may just obtain standard home insurance. 

Full disclosure

When you disclose any spent or unspent criminal convictions, we will make an assessment and refer your quote to the most suitable insurer, who will then provide a guaranteed home insurance quote with criminal convictions.

If you have truthfully and honestly answered the questions we have asked, and disclosed any material facts to the best of your knowledge, then any home insurance claims shall proceed as normal. If you have not disclosed correctly, claims can become difficult, insurance voided and you may be required to provide a criminal record check at your own expense.

Home insurance for people with criminal convictions

As an insurance broker, we work with a select few insurers who provide home insurance for people with criminal convictions. All insurers have different underwriting terms in relation to criminal convictions; therefore we will go through the home insurance application over the phone. This allows us to make an informed risk assessment and provide a home insurance quote that takes the conviction into consideration. 

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