Adverse Claims

Adverse claims home insurance

You may have made claims on your home insurance in the past, however, we believe you should still be able to protect your home. Computerquote Insurance offers specialist home insurance for those who have a difficult or adverse claims history.

What is considered an adverse claims history?

  • High volume of claims made
  • High-value claims
  • Unusual claim types
  • Claim refused

Your history

If you’ve been unfortunate to encounter a series of home related accidents and incidents out of your control and claimed on your home insurance, your ability to renew your home insurance can become difficult, as you have to disclose your claims history.

Disclosure of claims

It is important to disclose any claims you have previously made when requesting a quote for home insurance. It is down to you to disclose material facts to your home insurance history, even if you are not asked directly. Failure to do so may result in any future claim being approved.

Why is it considered specialist home insurance?

Having an adverse claims history means most standard home insurance policies will not cover you. This is because you are considered to be of a higher risk, based on your history. However, many mainstream insurers do not have the facility to assess your risk adequately, therefore home insurance is refused before your case is reviewed.

Specialist insurance for adverse claims history

Computerquote Insurance will go through a few more detailed questions to assess the risk you may present. Our home insurance team will go through your claims history in detail with you to establish whether the reason is relevant to your current home insurance application. 

We have access to a range of home insurance policies that allow us insure your property and contents which take into account previous claims. 

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