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Every home is unique, and many properties don’t fit the ‘standard’ home insurance requirements. Specialist home insurance, also known as non-standard home insurance covers properties that have unusual features, for example, listed property status, non-standard construction, let property or are unoccupied for long periods of time ... and many more. There will also be circumstances such as previous claims or criminal convictions or the condition of the property such as subsidence or flood risk area.  Computerquote Insurance offers a range of specialist home insurance to suit your property.

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Specialist property cover from Computerquote Insurance

As an insurance broker, we have a range of specialist home insurance options for you. Our home insurance team will guide you through the insurance process to ensure you have the correct cover for your property. We offer independent advice and will clarify the insurer requirements and jargon in relation to unusual property insurance.

Pay As You GoPay As You Go for specialist home insurance

The Computerquote Insurance flexible Pay As You Go monthly instalment plan allows you to stop, start or cancel your home insurance without penalty. This is ideal for specialist home insurance that is required for a short term insurance or an unknown length of time.

Standard home insurance

Properties that fit under the ‘standard home insurance’ category are generally built with regular bricks and mortar with a tile or slate roof. Anything outside of this definition is likely to require specialist home insurance. You’ll be pleased to hear that Computerquote Insurance offer an extensive range of property insurance policies to cover non-standard features, types and uses at great rates from a range of top UK insurers.

Do I need specialist home insurance?

You may require specialist home insurance if your property has one or more of the features considered non-standard. Below, we outline the key non-standard home insurance profiles; however, if you are still unsure, please contact us and we can quickly assess whether you require standard or non-standard home insurance.

Non-standard home insurance features

Below us a summary of the non-standard features. Click on the links for more detail.

Listed building insurance
Buildings that have an architectural or historical importance will be placed on the Statutory List of Buildings of Special Architectural Interest, and therefore legally protected. Computerquote Insurance can provide cover for all grades of listed buildings. We will discuss your property, heritage site and key features to ensure you have the right insurance in place.

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Unusual construction
Timber framed houses and steel framed properties are examples that fall under this category. Whether it’s a modern eco-build or traditional Tudor property, we will find the right cover for you. The risks of timber framed properties, including fire, damp and infection will affect the insurance cover you require. 

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Unoccupied home insurance
Properties can be unoccupied for a range of reasons, including awaiting sale or probate, renovations and health care reasons. Unoccupied properties in the eyes of insurers are deemed to be of a higher risk due to the lack of residents, therefore reduced security and management of the building. Standard insurance policies will not cover properties that have been left unoccupied for more than 30 consecutive days.

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Subsidence insurance
If the property is sinking into the ground, the house is subsiding. This can be caused by shrinking clay and soil around the foundations.  Subsidence is usually noticeable by a shift in the property alignment and distinctive cracks in the main structure of the building. A property surveyor will be able to identify this. 

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Flat roof insurance
Properties with over 50% flat roof areas will require specialist home insurance. Flat roofs made of felt, asphalt or constructed with timber are covered under our policies. Flat roofs are considered to have a shorter lifespan than a tiled roof, therefore require more maintenance and are susceptible to leaks. It is recommended that an inspection is carried out every eight to ten years.

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Adverse claims home insurance

If you have made a claim in the past, you will have to disclose this information to the insurer when applying for a new home insurance quote, as it is deemed a material fact. Adverse claims history usually refers to a person who has made several claims in the past, or fewer claims but of high value. Computerquote Insurance has access to range of home insurance policies that allow us provide home buildings and contents insurance which take into account previous claims. 

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Let property insurance

As a landlord, you will require specialist let property insurance that covers the property and you as a landlord. Computerquote offers landlord's insurance that can include liability cover, contents cover, legal expenses, rent guarantee and home assistance. Our team will advise of the best policy to suit your needs.

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Renovation insurance

Extensions, loft conversions, knocking walls through or other big structural changes to your house will require specialist insurance to cover the property during this period and the new re-build cost. Call us before renovation work commences.

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Criminal convictions

Whether it is you or a person living at your house, criminal convictions can make it difficult to get home insurance. We work with a range of insurers that allow us to assess each case and offer home insurance.

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Running a business from home

If you are self-employed and work from home, we offer a range of flexible specialist insurance to cover you and your business assets.

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