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If you don't know when the property was built, please check your mortgage valuation or home buyers report. If you are still unsure please enter an approximate year.
Please tell us how many rooms there are in the property, excluding kitchens, bathrooms, toilets and hallways but including the bedrooms.
Please tell us how many bedrooms there are in the property, including bedrooms that are used as a study, for example.
  1. Final exit door fitted with suitable lock complying with British Standard 3621.
  2. All other external doors, unless secured as in 1 above, shall be fitted with top and bottom mortice locks or surface mounted bolts with detachable keys.
  3. Sliding patio doors shall have key operated security locks top and bottom.
  4. All external windows opening on the ground floor or opening on and accessible from other floors to be fitted with key operated window locks.
  5. All external doors and windows in 4 above shall be secured using the above mentioned security devices whenever the home is left unattended and the keys withdrawn from locks.
  6. When the household retires at night, all external doors and windows specified in 4 above, except those in occupied bedrooms, shall be secured with the security devices and the keys withdrawn from locks.


Buildings - your buildings are classed as the actual structure of the home and its decorations including fixtures and fittings. It also includes external property such as drives, patios, garages and walls.
Contents - your contents are classed as your household goods, valuables and personal belongings within the home. These must be your property or the property of your family who permanently reside with you.


If you select Direct Debit as your preferred payment option please be aware that the finance option shown to you will be arranged by Computerquote and is the cheapest available to you. Alternative credit may be available from some insurers, if you wish to have further information on insurers who provide finance please call 0800 389 9949.