Home emergency assistance

Computerquote Insurance | Home emergency cover

Peace of mind for when the big things in the home go wrong, such as the heating, plumbing and electrical problems. 

What is a home emergency?

A home emergency refers to sudden or unexpected events that require immediate attention. Computerquote Insurance Home Emergency will provide an approved tradesperson to attend your property and deal with the fault. The tradesperson will prevent damage or further damage to your home, and / or make your home safe, secure and habitable.

Home Emergency from Computerquote Insurance

We provide comprehensive home emergency cover for £27.00 per year including Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) at the current rate.
The policy is supplied by General Legal Protection Limited and underwritten by Amtrust Europe Limited.
Do check with us if your home buildings and contents insurance include home emergency cover.

What is covered by home emergency insurance?

  • Emergency utility cover up to £500.00 per claim, including call-out, parts and vat for:
  • Plumbing and Drainage – the sudden or unexpected failure of, or damage to, the plumbing and drainage system which will result in internal water damage to your property. This includes leaking pipes, blocked drains, water tanks, blockages in toilet waste pipes (if there is only one toilet in the property) or leaking radiators.
  • Electrical/Gas Supply – the sudden, unexpected failure or breakdown of the electricity (or one phase thereof) or gas supply within your property.
  • Security and Glazing – the sudden or unexpected failure of, or damage caused to external locks, doors or windows only which has rendered your property insecure.
  • Roof – damage to the roof of your home caused by storm or fallen trees and branches.
  • Pests – problems with pests in your home including cellars and adjoining outbuildings. In respect of Wasp and Hornets nests the cover extends to the garden of your home
  • Primary Heating System – the complete failure or breakdown of either the heating and/or hot water supply provided by your primary heating system.
  • Lost keys
  • Alternative accommodation costs
  • Toilet unit
  • Home security


As with all insurance, it is up to the policy holder to ensure that regular maintenance and care is carried out. It is important to note that the home emergency cover is not a maintenance policy. 

Click here to download the Computerquote Home Emergency Cover policy wording