Making changes

Please notify us as soon as possible if you need to make changes to your insurance policy. Changes include:

Updating your policy details

It is important to read through your policy documents to ensure that the information is complete and correct, and to update us when there are changes to any of your own and other driver’s personal details, as well as the details of the vehicle and where it is kept of what it is used for. If you are in doubt when a change occurs, please contact us for advice. 

Motor insurance

Adding a named driver
If you would like to add a driver to your car or van insurance policy, please contact us to requote on your car insurance.

Changing your car details
If you have bought a new car mid-policy or have made any modifications to your car. 

Multi-car insurance
If you would like to add a car onto your policy, give us a call and we can provide a great rate for additional cars.

Home insurance

Adding a policyholder 
If you would like to add a policyholder to your home insurance, please contact us to arrange this. This will allow the other policyholder full access to insurance details and claims details.

Extensions and renovations
If you are planning on renovating your house, having an extensions build, the loft converted or any other big projects, please give us a call to let us know. Your existing cover may not be sufficient, and therefore we will advise further on the right cover you need.

Why do I need to let you know of any changes?

The information that you give us must be accurate to the best of your knowledge and belief. It is your responsibility to ensure the details are complete and correct. Insurers can cancel policies, declare them invalid and refuse to pay part or all of a claim, if the information is not correct. If the insurer believes the inaccurate details were given deliberately, they will investigate for fraudulent activity. Therefore, if your details are incorrect or you are not sure, please call us for advice.