Xtras energy switch for Computerquote customers

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New Xtras collective energy switch offer - you could save up to £240 on dual fuels with online billing*

Your Xtras rewards give you access to exclusive energy savings through our collective switching partner iChoosr. Collective switching uses the bulk buying power of our customers to get a great deal on your energy bills. As many as 66% of UK consumers*** are on standard variable tariffs at the mercy of further price rises, so switch now and lock in your savings for at least a year.

How does it work?

  • We group together all our customers interested in saving money on their energy bills and a range of large and independent suppliers bid for your business in a reverse auction
  • You are then presented with your personal energy offer from our switching partner iChoosr, detailing how much you can save. There is no commitment to switch until you have reviewed and accepted your offer

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What savings can be made?

In the October 2017 auction we secured a highly competitive** energy tariff from SSE (the cheapest Big 6 open market fixed tariff on auction day). The table below shows the savings that can be made for Ofgems average annual level of energy consumption.

  SSE Collective 1
Year Fixed v5 tariff
Average of the Big 6 energy
providers Standard Variable tariffs
Dual Fuel
  £889   £1130

Annual saving 

The SSE Collective 1 Year Fixed v5 tariff is is not available direct from the supplier or via price comparison services.

SSE is currently ranked number one for customer service by Citizens Advice with 5 stars for ease of switching and contact. 

Register to get a free illustration of how much you could save, with no commitment to switch You won’t find our collective switching tariffs on any of the comparison sites, but you’ll need to act now.

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What happens next?

After you have registered, we'll keep you informed every step of the way by email, and you will have plenty of time to consider whether the tariffs offered will be right for you.

Come together and with the power of collective action we can get a better deal for your energy costs.

*Annual saving of £240 achieved by the SSE Collective 1 Year Fixed v5 tariff against the average of the big six energy companies standard variable tariffs for dual fuels with online billing using Ofgem's average annual energy consumption.

**The SSE Collective 1 Year Fixed v5 dual fuel tariff was the cheapest dual fuel tariff in the UK offered by the "Big 6" energy providers at the time of the energy auction on 10/10/17.

***Around 66 per cent of all households are on standard variable tariffs, which are typically more expensive than fixed deals. From Ofgem report on standard variable tariffs 14/12/16.