New for 2017 - Computerquote Xtras

Save money on energy bills

We're delighted to announce a range of new deals for Computerquote customers: Xtras.
Xtras are free and exclusive rewards for you, designed to enhance your Computerquote Insurance policy.

Xtras collective energy switch offer - Save £100 on average on your dual fuel tariff

Your Xtras rewards give you access to exclusive energy savings through our collective switching partner iChoosr. Collective switching uses the bulk buying power of our customers to get a great deal on your energy bills.

Beat the deadline - register now

How does it work?

  • We have grouped together all our customers interested in saving money on their energy bills and a range of large and independent suppliers are bidding for their business in a reverse auction
  • Our switching partner iChoosr will offer you the best deal for you from the auction and you are ready to switch - there is no commitment until you have seen how much you can save
  • The first energy auction is taking place right now, so click here to get on board now

What happens next?

After you have registered, we'll keep you informed every step of the way by email, and you will have plenty of time to consider whether the tariffs offered will be right for you.

What savings can be made?

In the March 2017 acution we secured an exclusive energy tariff from First Utility that is cheaper than any of the Big 6 tariffs currently available on the open market.

  First Utility Collective March 2017 British Gas Standard Variable
Dual Fuel online billing £944 £1044
Dual Fuel postal billing  £968 £1102

You won’t find our collective switching tariffs on any of the comparison sites, but you’ll need to act now.
Register to get a free illustration of how much you could save, with no commitment to switch 

Beat the deadline - register now

Come together and with the power of collective action we can get a better deal for your energy costs.

Following the shocking 15% rise in electricity prices recently announced by Npower – the largest price hike in the electricity market since 2008 - Scottish Power has followed suit with news of price rises of up to 10.8 per cent affecting 1.1 million customers, and now E.On has stated electricity prices will rise by an average of 13.8%, affecting 2.5 million customers from April 2017. Read the full article here.

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There are more rewards coming your way very soon - so look out for details of your Xtras.You’ll find some more great ideas for saving money at home here