Online quote conditions & important information - Home insurance

Online quote conditions

To quote for your home insurance online you must meet the following conditions.  If you do not, please call us on 0800 389 9949 for a quote.

The home

For a buildings quote the home is also not

You and any adult living with you

Important Information

You must take reasonable care to provide complete and accurate answers to the questions asked.  Please read any assumptions carefully and confirm if they apply to your circumstances.

If any of the information provided by you changes after you purchase your policy and during the period of your policy please contact us with the details.

If the information provided by you is not complete and accurate, please be aware that:

We recommend you keep all the documentation for future reference. You will receive a purchase confirmation email, followed by an email which will give you access to your full policy documents. Please do not delete this email as it contains a unique link to the document retrieval portal. If you have any problems downloading your documents, please read the policy document retrieval guide

Included in your policy documents

If you have chosen to pay by Direct Debit, this will include your Credit Agreement. Duplicate policy documents can be re-sent by request.

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