We are able to offer customers access to the BCIS (The Building Cost Information Service of The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) rebuild lookup service. Complete the following details to obtain your free estimation.

Type of property:
Number of storeys:
The number of storeys for flats is the height of the block, not the individual flat or the floor that the flat is on.
'Garden basements' (ie a lowest floor level built within retaining walls which are not a part of the external walls of the house) are treated as an additional floor. Eg a house with a garden basement and two floors above is a three storey house.
Property Style:
Wall Type:
Brick - includes brick clad timber frame and rendered blockwork.
Stone - includes rubble wall, ashlar, knapped flint and the like.
Roof Type:
Year Built:*
Number of rooms including kitchens but excluding bathrooms:
The number of rooms excluding bathrooms, toilets, halls or landings, and rooms that can only be used for storage. All other rooms (eg. kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, utility rooms, integral garages and studies) should be counted. If two rooms have been converted into one they are counted as one room. Shared rooms (eg shared kitchens with another flat) should not be included.
Number of bedrooms:*
If a room originally intended to be a bedroom has been converted into a study or playroom then it should be counted as a bedroom.
Number of bathrooms:*
The number of Bathrooms (or shower rooms but not cloakrooms).
Number of garage spaces:*
Number of spaces for cars within a garage, or garages, including detached or semi-detached garages but not integral or semi-integral garages. Double garages are counted as 2. Carports are excluded and must be allowed for separately.