Top tips for caring for your pets in spring

spring time pets

While many pet owners will be aware of the dangers of extreme weather in summer and winter, spring can also present its own issues. To ensure your four-legged companion is all prepped for the Crufts season, follow these top care tips.

Set up a regular grooming routine

Your pet will start to shed its thick winter coat in the spring. Regular brushing will help to get rid of dead hair. If you have a long-hair breed, you will need to groom more often to avoid the fur getting matted.

Check vaccinations and treatments are up to date

Your furry friend will want to start spending more time outside now the weather is milder. Make sure vaccinations are up to date and get stringent with your flea and tick prevention to make sure they don’t bring any unwelcome visitors back home with them. If you’re going on holiday, protect your dog from kennel cough – most kennels won’t accept a dog if they aren’t fully protected.

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Considered getting your cat neutered

As we head into kitten season, rescue shelters start to see a rise in unwanted litters, according to the National Animal Welfare Trust. If you don’t ever want kittens, make sure your cat is neutered.

Gradually ramp up the exercise

If your dog walks got shorter over the winter, work up the lengths and intensity of your exercise. Doing too much too soon could result in your pet developing injuries.

Beware of lungworm

Lungworm can be fatal to dogs. It is contracted from eating slugs and snails, drinking from a bowl where a slug or snail has been, or by chewing a toy a slug or snail has crawled over. Make sure toys don’t stay in the garden overnight and regularly wash any water bowls kept outside.

Prepare your gardens

Your garden can be a haven for your pets, but it can also hold its fair share of risks:

  • Make sure your fences and gates are secure and there are no holes for your puppy or dog to escape.
  • Avoid using slug pellets – slugs can be a great nuisance to your plants but slug pellets can be fatal for cats and dogs.
  • Opt for tree bark rather than cocoa shell mulch which contains theobromine, the same toxic ingredient that can be found in chocolate.
  • According to Garden Therapy, many common garden plants are poisonous to cats and dogs. This includes ivy, yew berries, and our favourite springtime flower, daffodils.

No matter how careful you are with your pet, accidents can still happen. To make sure your furry companion is happy and healthy, get them insured. To find the right plan for your pet, get a quote today.

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