The internet: Where your dog (or cat) is more famous than you!

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Admit it: you secretly think your pet is the greatest and suspect that all other pet owners are jealous of you. Every cat lover or dog devotee sees the very best in their furry friend, whether it’s how they look, a certain cute behaviour or the way they have an emotional bond with their carer. 

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Some pet owners go one step further and broadcast the greatness of their pet to the world via the web. According to The Telegraph, we share more than 38 million pictures and videos of cats every day – that’s twice the number of selfies! These feline and canine internet superstars have their own social media channels, fan followings and merchandise lines, all based on photos and videos showing the animal being its own adorable self. 

Some dogs even surpass celebs on the Net. Take Olympic swimming champion Michael Phelps – his 2.4 million following is overshadowed by Maruto the Japanese Shuba Inu. And Hollywood heartthrob Ben Affleck’s impressive 1.6 million following is still eclipsed by Marnie the Dog, a 14-year-old Shih Tzu who boasts over 2 million fans online.

This all makes you wonder: what does a cat or dog have to do to become famous?

1. Have a distinctive look

Famous pets have to be distinctive in order to stand out from the crowd. It might be Lil Bub’s lolling cat tongue that makes her look gorgeously gormless, Grumpy Cat’s unimpressed frown or the bouncy charm of Sadie Tripawd, a three-legged dog with bundles of energy.

Some pets become famous by being less aesthetically pleasing than others, such as Tuna, the dog with a lovably odd face. Others, like Menswear Dog, achieve popularity by being stylish and groomed beyond the dreams of most humans. 

2. Embody a particular mood or feeling

If you want your pet to become famous, it’s important to understand what internet users are looking for in cat or dog-related content. Most people check out furry superstars as a quick way to relax for five minutes. That is why images and videos should be fairly short and immediately engaging. They need to make viewers laugh, coo or pout within a short space of time, so keep it simple. 
For example, Minnie and Max Pugs can make something as straightforward as dog turning their heads entertaining within seconds, while Trotterpup’s smooshy face and elaborate costumes provide an instant cuddly warm glow. 

3. Have a dedicated owner

One of the most obvious things that all internet-famous pets have in common is an adoring, committed owner who enjoys sharing their pet with the world. The owner usually sees something unique in their pet, even if this is sometimes quirky to the point of weirdness. 

The unique characteristic might be, for example, being fantastic at a ripe old age, as per Susie’s Senior Dogs, which showcases the joys of keeping a mature pooch. Or it could be a strange enjoyment of watching the owner cook, as in Cooking with Dog, a bizarrely relaxing Japanese YouTube channel. 

Whether your dog or cat ever makes it to the big time, it’s certain they will always be a Very Important Person in your life. That’s why it makes sense to take out pet insurance so you can be sure your loved one always receives the care they deserve. 

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