Keeping your cat and dog cool this summer

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Keeping your pet safe in the summer is about more than just keeping them cool in searing heat. In order to prevent illness or injury to your pet (and avoid unexpected and costly vet bills for yourself) you need to be aware of the extra dangers your cat or dog faces during the summer months.

According to the Association of British Insurers, the average vet bill in the UK now comes to over £300, with certain larger treatments costing up to £4,000. For this reason, pet owners would be well advised to pick up some pet insurance ahead of this summer.

Whilst pet insurance is very helpful if your cat or dog should come to harm, still prevention is better than cure. Help keep your pet safe this summer with our top tips!

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Keeping dogs cool

You should take care to ensure your home is cool enough for your pet when you’re away from home. This means keeping the air conditioning on (if you have it), or closing curtains to block out the heat.

It’s important that you never leave your dog in the car; even with the window open a crack. If your dog appears to be suffering from heat exhaustion, cool them down slowly, and take them to a vet immediately.

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Paws and pavements

When you're taking your dog out for a walk, keep in mind that the pavement can get really hot and can potentially burn your dog’s paws. Try to avoid walks in the midday heat (typically 12 noon to 3pm) and choose places where they can run around on grass and where there’s tree cover. Don’t forget to take a bowl and plenty of water for your dog for drinking and cooling them down.

Applying sun cream

This one sometimes gets some odd looks, but applying sunscreen to the less-covered parts of your dog’s skin can protect them outside during the summer.

You can purchase pet-specific sun creams that should be applied to areas such as their belly, ears, and anywhere where their fur is noticeably thinner. You should also consider not clipping your dog’s coat too short during the summer.

Looking for potential parasites

Certain parasites such as hookworms and heartworms come out in greater numbers during the summer months, therefore it’s essential to your pet’s health (and happiness) that you check them regularly to ensure they’ve not been infected.

To be extra safe, speak with your vet about tablets you can give to your pet to ensure parasites can’t harm them; and consider using a (pet friendly) insect repellent in your garden.

Taking precautions around water

If you have a swimming pool in your garden, or you plan on taking the dog to the beach or walking around a lake, you need to keep an eye on your pets at all times.

If you want your dog to be able to swim confidently in the sea or a lake, consider a dog-specific lifejacket for them, and make them wear it around your home and garden beforehand to get used to it.

Keeping harmful materials out of their reach

Your pet may attempt to eat just about anything it comes across, therefore during the summer months when dogs and cats are spending more time outside, you should move all harmful materials in your garden, shed, and garage out of their reach (or lock them up).

The main things you’ll want to ensure you put away in summer are pesticides, plant food, BBQ firelighters, and lawnmower petrol. Consider anything else that could contain potentially harmful chemicals.

Pet insurance

The majority of new customers pay less than £10 per month for our Standard Cover and Value Accident Cover policies*

At Computerquote Insurance, we’re proud to offer low cost pet insurance*, and we can even help find a vet or pet sitter when you need them! Our cover is dealt with easily online, and includes vet fees up to £5000 per condition each year, plus money to cover boarding fees in the event of hospitalisation, and to cover advertising fees if your pet becomes lost (excluding Value Accident Cover).

Contact Computerquote Insurance today to speak with our friendly team about purchasing pet insurance to protect your furry friend.

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Pet insurance quote

*The majority of new customers pay less than £10 per month for our Standard Cover and Value Accident Cover policies


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