How Brexit may change pet travel

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The European Union (EU) referendum remains a hot topic. We take a quick look into how leaving the EU may affect pet travel into European Union countries.

Currently, our beloved pets can travel within the EU without quarantine, as long as they have a pet passport and they are microchipped.

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By leaving the EU, pet owners will likely have to adhere to more stringent rules to travel within the EU countries that currently apply countries outside of the EU. This includes blood tests or quarantine. Owners may also need to present a Health Certificate and Declaration which is issued by an authorised veterinarian.

The UK can to apply to the European Commission to be a listed country for the purposes of pet travel. This application would demonstrate that the UK complies with the conditions of pet travel, such as robust surveillance and reporting systems with regard to rabies (and others), and therefore waiving these pet movement restrictions for those entering the bloc.

However, as with everything with the Brexit decision, nothing is certain. Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty is triggered and the formal process of leaving the EU starts. Until agreements and contracts are signed, nothing will change at present and we will keep you up-to-date with pet travel within the European Union.

So, for now, continue as you were. Take a look at our article on applying for a Pet EU passport if you are considering travelling with your pet in the next few years.

It is best to check your pet insurance extends cover you for overseas travel. Computerquote Pet Insurance offers overseas travel extension on Standard, Classic and Ultimate policies (excludes Accident Only), see section 7 of the policy wording.

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