Especially ‘fur’ you: top gifts for pets

cat and dog in Christmas hat by the tree

Special occasions are all about giving. Whether it’s a heap of presents under the Christmas tree, a thoughtful gift on a loved one’s birthday, or a bunch of flowers on an anniversary, we all love that glowing feeling you get on seeing someone’s face light up as they pull off the wrapping paper.

There’s no reason why your beloved pets should be left out of celebrations. They give us so much joy throughout the year, it’s only right to give them a little something so that they can join in with special occasions. But what are the top gifts for pets right now?

Top Christmas gift ideas for pets

Pet umbrella

If your pooch looks a little blue on rainy days, you can give it the royal treatment with this Happy Life Pet Umbrella that attaches to a collar. It’s transparent, so you can keep an eye on your pet as it walks by your side with its rectangular rain shield. Especially useful for protecting canine style after a trip to the grooming parlour!

Doorway cat toy

This Funkitty Doorway Dangli Cat Toy combines two of your cat’s favourite things: treats and chasing whirling objects. The blue ball (complete with furry tail) is filled with cat treats and hangs on a stretchy cord from a doorway. Watch with delight as your cat swipes and bats it around to release the tasty goodies inside.

Dog shaped cat scratching post

It’s important for cats to have a scratching post in order to keep their claws healthy. Why not combine this natural urge with an equally natural dislike of dogs? Your cat can now scratch its own back with this dog-shaped scratching post covered in tough sisal cord. Your cat can climb on it and claw away, leaving you to enjoy the sight.

Woof & Brew Bottom Sniffer Beer for Dogs

Sitting back with a cool bottle at the end of a hard day is now a treat you can share with your dog. While humans might like something cold, carbonated and hoppy, dogs are equally enthusiastic about the delicate fragrances of – well – other dogs’ bottoms. Canine noses are 100,000 times more sensitive than ours, which is why they will love this non-carbonated, non-alcoholic Woof & Brew Bottom Sniffer Beer designed to give dogs a high-status odour that will impress their peers.

Pet video monitor

Do you ever wonder what your cat gets up to while you’re at work? Now you can speak, view, listen and even interactive with your kitty from your smartphone thanks to this cool pet monitor from PETKIT. Boasting a rotating camera and built-in microphone for dual communication, it also has a built-in laser so you can play with your cat, even when you’re apart.

Doggie drying coat

Winter walks spell wet dogs but these super-cute drying coats from Ruff and Tumble at Not on the high street will banish every last drop of water leaving you with a clean, dry dog in under 45 minutes. Wet dog odour is diminished and the back-breaking chore of towelling off your pooch after a parade in the park is gone forever! Made from luxuriously thick cotton towelling this has to be the perfect Christmas stocking filler for man’s best friend – what are you waiting for?

While it might not be as fun as a toy, one of the best gifts you can give your pet is good health. Pet insurance ensures that your four-legged friend will be taken care of if it needs expensive treatment, as well as providing a host of other benefits. Get a quick and easy pet insurance quote by talking to one of our specialist team today.

Pet insurance quote

Cat playing by Christmas tree

Dog playing with Christmas box


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