Dog body language

Computerquote Insurance - Dog body language infographic

We quickly get to know our dogs habits and needs through their gestures and sounds. However, your dog's body language can tell you a lot about their emotional state and needs. We take a look at some of the basic expressions and postures to help you figure out what they are trying to say, whether they are content, nervous or scared.

Remember, all dogs are different and it's important to get to know what your own dog's personal gestures and what they mean. 

Understanding dog body language - infographic

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Bring your dog to work day

Computerquote Pet Insurance will be supporting ‘Bring Your Dog to Work Day” on Friday 22nd June, alongside thousands of other businesses across the UK. Staff are being encouraged to take part so we can test the pros and cons of having your pet in the workplace.

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Where can you take your dog in public?

Dogs are man’s best friend. They’re our loyal companions and wherever we go, they follow – whether that’s for a run in the park, a walk along the beach, to the cafe for brunch, and now for many of us, to the office.

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