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Dog under blanket

Can dogs get colds?

Winter is coming, and as we prepare ourselves for various colds and flus, we look at whether dogs can catch colds and when to spot if your dog has a more serious condition.

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How to help a new rescue dog settle in

Practical tips for owners of rescue dogs to help them settle into their new home. Learn how to choose the right dog for you and how to protect your rescue dog's health. helping your new best friend settle in and using pet insurance to protect your rescue dog's health.

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Chocolate Labrador laying on grass in garden on sunny day - Computerquote Pet Insurance

How to protect your dog from theft

Dog theft is on the rise in the UK. We discuss how you can protect your dog from this form of crime.

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dog outdoor playing

What can your pet pick up outdoors?

Prevent health risks to your pet from the dangers lurking outside.

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