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Handbag dogs - French bulldog

Bring your dog to work day

Computerquote Pet Insurance will be supporting ‘Bring Your Dog to Work Day” on Friday 22nd June, alongside thousands of other businesses across the UK. Staff are being encouraged to take part so we can test the pros and cons of having your pet in the workplace.

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Dog in backseat of car - Computerquote Insurance

Dogs in hot cars: would you come to the rescue?

What would you do if you saw a dog in a car on a hot day? We look at ways you can help a dog out if you notice they're suffering from the heat and helping them cool down.

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Dog sitting in shade near park bench

Where can you take your dog in public?

Dogs are man’s best friend. They’re our loyal companions and wherever we go, they follow – whether that’s for a run in the park, a walk along the beach, to the cafe for brunch, and now for many of us, to the office.

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5 puppy training mistakes

How do I train a puppy? 10 tips from professional trainers

Training needs to begin immediately. Whether you train your dog yourself, join a training class or go to private trainer, some basic training tips should be considered. Computerquote Pet Insurance has compiled the top ten tips.

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