What should I do if I crash my van?

Van crash

Crashing your van is obviously going to be an unwanted experience but there are ways to make sure you are back on the road again as quickly as possible.

Make the scene safe

The most important thing to do following an accident is to stop driving. Ensure your van is parked in a safe place and turn off the engine. Remember to put your hazard lights on to warn fellow motorists of the incident.

Phone 999 if you think someone has been seriously injured in the crash and requires urgent medical help. Often people will assume someone else has alerted the ambulance service and this can delay medical treatment.

If you have been injured in the crash try not to move unless you or other people are in immediate danger of being hurt further.

Keep calm

There is little doubt having an accident can be very frustrating - especially if it was not your fault. However, there is no point losing your temper at the other party as it will not achieve anything and could make the situation more difficult.

Do your best to stay calm and in control. This will help if the other driver involved is in shock or showing signs of being aggressive towards you. Try to direct their attention to helping make the road safe or other tasks, such as locating their contact details.

Try to record the details

It can be very hard to remember the details of a van accident afterwards so try to take some time following the incident to make a note of what happened, the level of damage sustained and if anyone was injured. This will help when you make a claim on your van insurance policy.

Another good idea is to use your mobile phone's camera to take a few quick snaps of the scene to help jog your memory at a later date. Also note down anything that may have had an influence on the driving conditions, such as weather, time of day, condition of the road etc. All of these could be really useful in assessing how and why the crash happened.

You should also note down the names and addresses of potential witnesses plus the insurance details of any other drivers involved in the accident. If you think someone has left the collision scene without giving their information then you will need to contact the police so they can trace them.

Don't worry about who is to blame

Remember it is down to insurance companies and the police to assess who was to blame for the crash, so do not admit liability at the scene or say something you may regret later when you have recovered from the shock.

Let your van insurance provider know

Make sure you inform your van insurance company know about the incident as soon as you can. Some policies may have claim time limits that you will need to follow otherwise you may risk invalidating your van insurance policy. You will need to give your insurer details of the accident and the information you collected about the other parties involved.

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