Could you benefit from pay as you go car insurance?

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Pay As You Go insurance - stop, start or cancel at any time

Pay as you go car insurance can be incredibly handy for a number of short-term situations. If you don’t want to get tied into a traditional 12-month contract, it’s the ideal way to make sure you’re still fully protected on the roads whilst still having a great amount of flexibility. Plus, thanks to the terms of Computerquote’s Pay As You Go policy, you can stop start or cancel at any time, meaning you won’t get stung with any hefty early exit fees!

Pay as you go car insurance for students 

So who exactly does pay as you go car insurance work for? Take students, for example. Perhaps your child is heading home for the holidays where he or she has temporary access to a car – maybe yours, theirs or one of their friend’s vehicles. They won’t want to be confined to their bedroom for months at a time, so pay as you go car insurance is the perfect solution for them. They get to go out and about with their mates safe in the knowledge that they’re fully covered – and you don’t have to act as a taxi for the duration of their stay! Plus they won’t have to pay any exit fees that they might have had to on a full annual plan.

Flexible, fair and convenient 

Our pay-as-you-go policies are for any length of time from one month upwards – ideal for a summer holiday period from college or university. They can be useful as an in-between as, unlike the policies offered by many other insurers, there are no penalties so long as you keep your payments up to date and return your insurance certificate when you cancel. A deposit is taken by credit or debit card, with the remaining balance paid each month in instalments by Direct Debit. These policies are designed to be flexible, fair and convenient.

How does Computerquote Pay As You Go car insurance work?

For car insurance a 12% deposit of the total premium is charged at the start, with interest charges of 13.65% (APR 27.20% of typical premium). When this policy is renewed, no deposit is required but the same interest rate is charged. Lease cars and private cars can also be covered under this policy type. 

Who are these policies designed for?

Although pay-as-you-go insurance isn’t right for everyone, it’s important to understand what it means and how it could be useful for you, as this type of policy could be just what you need for your individual short-term circumstances.

Pay As You Go car insurance - quote now

If you’re interested in pay-as-you-go insurance then get in touch with us on 0800 389 9949 or click here to learn more about Pay As You Go from Computerquote Insurance.