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If you’re carrying penalty points on your driving licence, or you have a driving conviction, it can seem almost impossible to find great value car insurance. But don’t worry… Specialist insurers like Computerquote can help.   

Common driving offences and penalties

There is a wide range of driving offences, ranging from causing death by dangerous driving to driving without insurance or without wearing a seatbelt. The most common offences are speeding, driving while using a hand-held device, driving without insurance and failing to comply with traffic light signals.

Sometimes police have discretion about how to punish offences; for example, if you are caught speeding then the police will be able to decide whether to issue a fixed penalty notice or to charge you with an offence.  

If you get points on your licence, they stay in place for at least four years and insurance companies can take them into account for up to five years.

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Difficulty in obtaining car insurance after an offence

Many insurers simply refuse to provide cover to drivers who have a conviction, even if it is for a non-traffic offence, such as theft. This is because, statistically, anyone with a conviction on their record is classed as a higher risk and insurance companies may not want to take the gamble.

Some insurers will provide cover on condition that your conviction is unrelated to driving. Be aware, however, that having a conviction for driving without insurance makes it particularly difficult to get cover in the future.

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The role of specialist car insurance

If mainstream insurers refuse to provide you with car insurance because of a conviction, you may be able to obtain cover from a specialist provider like Computerquote. We have specialist schemes that can accommodate many convicted drivers and help you find suitable cover for your circumstances.

Although premiums might be higher than those of non-convicted drivers, for many people having a car is essential to enable them to make a living or see friends and family, especially if they live in a rural area.

If you decide not to drive

If higher insurance premiums are unaffordable for you after a conviction, you may decide to simply stop driving until the cost reduces. Eventually, you will hopefully be able to obtain insurance from a mainstream provider again.

Don’t forget that if your car is not being driven, it is still required to have insurance by law unless it is officially registered as being off-road. You must apply for a Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN) if you do not have insurance, otherwise you could face a fine of up to £1,000.

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Having trouble finding the right car insurance after penalty points or a conviction? Call the expert team at Computerquote to discuss your options.

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