4 cool safety features to look for in new cars

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What do you look for in a new car? You might be interested in fuel consumption, appearance, or size. However, perhaps the most important feature of a car is its safety credentials, especially if you’re using it every day or to transport your children to school.

Developments in technology are delivering safety improvements that would have been unthinkable just a few decades ago. Here are some of the coolest safety features you should look for when choosing a new car; they could not only help protect your safety, but make your vehicle easier to use, too:

4 safety features to look out for in new cars

1. Electronic stability control

This exciting development is said to have the potential to prevent up to one in three road accidents. When the electronic stability control (ESC) system senses that the car is about to lose stability or skid due to driver behaviour, it takes over, reducing engine power and operating the brakes. It’s so promising, that all manufacturers are now required to install it in new cars. 

2. Rear-view camera

Reversing is difficult: twisting and turning to maintain all-round vision while manoeuvring a car out of a tight space is never easy, especially if there are pedestrians around. There is a real danger of colliding with a person or another vehicle. 
Rear-view cameras are a simple and effective way to address this safety problem. A screen on your dashboard shows what is happening behind your car. The systems are being made mandatory in all new vehicles in the US by May 2018 – will it be included in your next purchase?

3. Lane keeping technology  

We’ve all done it: you glance away for a second and before you know it, you’ve swerved out of your lane and have to suddenly correct your steering. Most of the time it happens with no consequences, but there is the potential for this swerving to cause a major incident. 
Camera-based lane control systems detect lane markings and issue an alert, or auto-correct steering if you move out of position unexpectedly. Some systems are combined with driver behaviour monitoring, helping to prevent drivers from falling asleep at the wheel.

4. Advanced seat belts

Seat belts have come a long way since they became compulsory in the 1980s. Modern seat belts offer advanced features such as energy management, which reduces the pressure on the chest during an accident and therefore cuts the risk of injury. Many cars also now feature adjustable upper belts, which can be adapted to suit different heights and body types. 

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