Your guide to skiing holidays with children


There’s ‘snow’ season like ski season, but ski holidays can have their issues, especially if you’re travelling with children. So here are our top tips for hitting the slopes with the kids in tow.

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Start out slow

If your children are beginners then it’s important to do your research as while most resorts have nursery slopes, a resort that specialises in teaching children, such as Kinder Kaiserland in Austria, could make all the difference when they’re learning the basics. Make sure you think about whether or not you plan to teach the kids yourself or buy them lessons. There’s no shame in opting for a ski school, but it does pay to do some research in advance to keep costs down.


How to cut costs when skiing with children

Just as your speed can quickly increase as you slide down the slopes, your costs can quickly snowball, too. So, what are some simple ways to cut costs?

1) Consider your location carefully

Exchanging the well-known Alps for a resort in Bulgaria, for example, could save you a bundle.

2) Consider the best time to travel

Prices are sky-high during February half-term, so Christmas or Easter could prove to be more cost-effective.

3) Consider where you stay

Self-catering accommodation could work out cheaper than a chalet or hotel, but think about the logistics of going to the supermarket every day. Is that really what you want to be doing on holiday?

4) Consider what equipment you need

If you don’t ski that often or for that long, it could make sense to rent the equipment when you get to the resort. This is especially true when it comes to kitting out children: if you rent it, you can easily exchange anything that doesn’t fit.


Childcare options

Whether you have tots too young to hit the slopes, or your children are a little bit older, it helps to plan ahead with childcare. There are resorts out there, such as Obergurgl in Austria and Serre Chevalier in the French Alps, which are geared towards families, boasting child-friendly restaurants and top-notch childcare facilities.

Some tour operators have kids clubs and resorts sometimes have creches, but make sure they have English-speaking staff available. Lots of resorts put extra energy into activities for the under-5s, so check the age range of the childcare available before you travel as older children may be disappointed. Skiing with another family can also work out well as you can take it in turns to look after the children.

Be prepared

When you go on a skiing holiday with children, you have to be ready for anything! Pack plenty of layers, don’t forget the entertainment in case you have a spend an afternoon indoors and don’t forget the suncream – it can get pretty toasty out there on the slopes!

Cover yourself

Travel insurance for winter sports is vital, particularly when you’re engaging in a potentially dangerous activity such as skiing. From missed flights to accidents on the slopes, travel insurance covers you for many of the things that could go wrong on your holiday, so it’s important to protect yourself and your little ones.

Whether you have an accident or lose your bag, travel insurance could save you hundreds of pounds, but it doesn’t have to cost the earth. And don’t forget – if you travel more tyhan once a year, annual-trip insurance could offer better value for money than single-trip insurance. 

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