Holiday planning - where to go and when!

Vista of beach islands in the Caribbean

When you’re picking a holiday destination, it’s important to consider which areas will be affected by rainy seasons and hurricanes. The Maldives, for example, might have faultless blue skies between December and March but you’ll get washed out with the monsoon rains from May to October.

Here’s our guide to navigating the global seasons through the year:


The Caribbean has long been a celebrity favourite and it’s easy to see why. Powdery white sands and crystal clear waters – it’s the stuff that postcards are made of. Best time to visit is between December and February. That way you can avoid the hurricane season between June and November, grab some guaranteed winter sun and (potentially) spot Simon Cowell and co while you’re at it!

South America

Do you dream of visiting Machu Picchu in Peru? If so, avoid January to April – that’s the rainy season. High season is July and August and whilst rain is unlikely, you might drown in the crowds. If Rio’s Carnival is more your thing, head to Brazil around February time – slap bang in the middle of high season which falls between December and March.

South America - Iguazu Falls Argentina

South Africa

Fancy a spot of safari? Head to South Africa between May and October for the winter dry season. Game viewing is usually at its best towards the end of the season when vegetation is sparse and animals are easier to spot at their watering holes.

Africa game park - giraffes

Middle East

The ultimate desert jewel, Dubai is a haven for sun-loving shopaholics. The best time to visit the world-famous beaches and cosmopolitan city centre is between November and March; avoid May to September when temperatures often rise above 40C.

Middle East

Southeast Asia

Weather across Southeast Asia varies depending on the region, and it’s an important factor to bear in mind. If you want some chill-out time in Bali, for example, visit between April and October and avoid the rainy season from December to February. Alternatively if you want a city escape to Singapore, head over between January and October. August will be too hot, and November and December herald the rainy season. Beach lovers should head to Phuket in Thailand between November and February; From May to October it’s monsoon season.

Thailand temple

Australia and New Zealand

The first thing to remember when travelling to the southern hemisphere is that our seasons are reversed – that means, when it’s winter at home it’s the height of summer in Australia. December, January and February are the hottest months but be warned – these may prove stifling if you’re not used to extreme heat. The wet season usually runs from November to April in the North and June to August in the South.

Australia - Sydney Opera House

New Zealand is the perfect destination all year round, depending on what activities you want to try… Skiers should visit between June and August when the snow has fallen and it’s all go on the slopes; hikers will love trails and changing colours in the Autumn between March and May and sun worshippers will be in their element between December and February – Christmas dinner on the beach anyone?

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