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Your home buildings and contents insurance is there to give you peace of mind. Although major problems are unlikely, you should feel protected, against everything from a minor break-in to a damaging house fire (and everything in between). For this reason it’s important to put some serious thought into your choice of insurance, comparing the options available to you to make your home as safe as it can be.

To help you make this choice, we’ve compiled five top tips to consider, whether you’re thinking of switching your current insurance provider, or you’ve recently moved house and are looking to insure your new property.

1) Minimise your risks

The most important home insurance tip you’ll ever receive is this: minimise your risks, and your insurer will minimise your premium.

When a potential home insurer assesses your home to provide you with an estimated premium, they’ll take into account every potential risk that they could find themselves paying out for – such as the risks of fire damage, water damage, and burglaries.

For this reason you’re encouraged to:

•    install fire alarms around your home (checking regularly to make sure they work);
•    install strong locks (ideally 5 lever mortice deadlocks conforming to BS 3621) for external doors and security lighting to minimise the potential for a break-in;
•    have electrical appliances checked (PAT-tested) and the gas and boiler serviced;
•    fit non-return valves to all drains and water pipes coming into your home;
•    follow the Environment Agency's advice on protecting your home if you live in an area prone to flooding.

2) Know your home’s replacement cost

One of the most underrated ways of ensuring you have the right level of home insurance for you is to look into the exact cost of replacing everything in your home should it be damaged or destroyed.

The easiest way to establish the cost of re-building your home (known as the rebuild value) is to use the simple rebuild calculator offered within the Computerquoteinsurance home insurance quote form. Working from a database maintained by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) the calculator will provide a reasonable estimate of the rebuilding cost of a good quality property based on the based on size and location of the property. The calculator will also suggest a range of values that take into account the whether the house is of basic quality or a larger house of superior quality. Finally, don’t forget to calculate the value of your home contents.

3) combine home buildings and contents insurance cover

Many insurers can offer you a one-stop insurance shop, with this applying even more to home buildings and contents insurance as the two are closely related.

Luckily for you, this means once you find an insurer you can trust, and whose cover for both home and contents insurance is equally impressive and sufficient for your needs, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to save money on the combined cost of your policies.

4) Insure your home against subsidence and land heave

This is a hugely important type of home insurance, as should cracks or subsidence occur they’ll be expensive to put right without insurance, and the longer they’re left the more at-risk your home will become.

Though a surveyor would have informed you of any subsidence or land heave around your home before you purchased it, this is something you should continually keep an eye out for, as the sooner it’s detected the cheaper it’ll be for your insurance company to put right.

5) Don’t focus just on price

Cheap home and contents insurance may seem like a bargain in the beginning, but should you need to make a claim you may find that cheapest insurance is less than impressive. The process may end up being long and laborious for you, and may still result in you not receiving the compensation you believed you were entitled to. Do make sure of all policy coverage and terms before accepting insurance, and make sure you’re getting good customer service into the bargain.

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