How to protect your garden shed

Garden shed

The days are getting longer and the frost has lifted, which means spring is just around the corner. This means many of us are looking forward to giving our garden some much needed TLC stay looking good.

Most people store their gardening equipment, as well as bikes, BBQs and tools in outside sheds, which means when the weather warms up, the can be seen as an easy target for thieves. Thieves will usually take the easiest option, so there are plenty of things you can do to protect your valuables.

Garden access

The first thing to consider is access to the garden. Preventing opportunist thieves from looking and getting into the garden is an important barrier. Spikey shrubbery and hedges, such as pyracantha, can be an excellent deterrent. Similarly, laying a gravel drive or path can put off thieves due to the noise it makes, alerting homeowners or pets to someone outside.

Locks are essential

A good lock and hinges with concealed screws are a must. A burglar with a screwdriver can quickly and easily remove the door from a shed with traditional V-shaped hinges, even if there is a padlock.

Doors and windows into the shed must be fully secured, and some homeowners may even want to consider fitting an alarm depending on the value of the contents of their shed. These are easy to get hold of at most DIY stores and can protect a shed in a number of ways.

An infra-red detector can pick up on movement inside the shed, while a door contact system will sound if the door is opened without the code being entered.Finally, homeowners can even get padlock alarms which go off if the lock is forced or tampered with.

Make your mark

Even with all of these precautions, homeowners should still ensure all of the goods stored in their shed are covered on their home insurance and have UV or SmartWater markings to trace them if they are stolen.

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