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As appealing as it may seem, working at home can be a challenging task. Because it’s so easy to get distracted by housekeeping duties and the comforts of home, focusing is difficult. Concentration is the number one problem among home workers, and it’s not just hindered by the setting. The workspace itself can cause problems, as cramped, unorganised areas serve as constant distractions.

If you’re a home worker, don’t worry, there are plenty of solutions to ease your troubles. With a little planning and strategic design, a functional home office can combine convenience and productivity, without taking up too much space. All it takes is a bit of research and some foresight. Follow these tips to get the home office you’ve always dreamed of.

De-clutter your desk

A cluttered desk is the sign of a cluttered mind, so to enhance your ability to focus, clear out the mess. Although this is the first step in renovating your home office, it’s also the hardest. Sorting through paperwork and old files is a messy, time-consuming job, but well worth the effort. Once you’ve gone through all the clutter and thrown out unnecessary items, you’ll feel better almost instantaneously.

Get organised

Now that you’re down to the bare essentials, resolve to get organised rather than succumbing to the bad habit of leaving paperwork stacked up in haphazard piles.

Buy a storage or shelving unit and use it. If you don’t have space for either, look for alternative ways to organise your home office. For example, built-in storage compartments installed in walls can create organisational opportunities in an otherwise wasted space.

Alternatively, consider utilising vertical space with floor to ceiling bookcases. Look for unique ways to maximise storage and add a little convenience to your home office, like a shelving compartment on the back of your wooden chair for files, magazines or books you want to keep handy.

Pick a power palette

Home offices don’t have to have a boring colour scheme of neutral shades. Rather, base the space around a hue that inspires you, assuming it complements the rest of your decor. Bright citrus shades are energising while red will inspire passion and motivation.

Choose blue to relax the mind and enhance creativity. Contrasting colours like blue and orange or purple and green work well in home offices, so don’t be afraid to try something bold. A statement colour or two combined with monochrome hues of varying intensity could trigger your imagination and make your home office a more productive, fulfilling workspace.

Maximise comfort

Of course, you want to take advantage of the perks of working at home and personalise your home office to make it comfortable and suit your needs. Little touches like a rocking chair and a plump cushion can help you feel at ease, which should help get your creative juices flowing. Keep the temperature at a comfortable, cool level and revel in the fact that you alone have control of the office climate.

Does music help you work? Then create an instrumental playlist to aid focus. Take advantage of the fact that you have some control over the pace and flow of your workday to make the most of your home office.

Once you’ve completed all the steps and created a workspace tailored to your needs and personality, you’ll have a customised oasis, optimised for work and, possibly, a little play. In fact, you might find it hard to leave your desk and tend to other duties!

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