Getting your home ready for autumn

Autumn leaves in gutter

As the leaves start to fall, that’s your cue to start preparing your home for the autumnal season. A good standard of home maintenance now will help protect your home in the winter months ahead.

Here are our top tips for getting your home ready for autumn

1) Heat things up

Your heating might have been off all summer, but now’s the time to put it to good use again, making sure to check that each radiator is working.  If you’re having problems getting a radiator to switch on then try bleeding it. If you’re still struggling then it may be worth calling in a plumber before the temperature plummets and you get stuck without a fully functioning heating system.  Don’t forget to set your thermostat to switch on an hour before you get up, and turn off again before you leave the house – a great tactic to make sure that you’re not spending a fortune on heating. Talking of heating, autumn can also be a great time to think about getting your boiler serviced for the winter ahead, too!

2) Clear your gutters

Autumn is known in some countries as ‘fall’, and that’s exactly what the leaves do. Check your drainpipes and guttering to make sure that they’re clear of debris, removing any blockages. Excess leaves can cause water to build up which can cause overflow and damp inside your property.

3) Protect the roof over your head

As rainfall increases, it’s important to think about your home’s best protection from downpours: the roof. Get your roof checked out by a professional to make sure any broken or cracked tiles are replaced and that the felt in still in good repair.

4) Check your insulation

Whether you do it yourself, or you hire a professional, loft insulation can help your home feel that little bit toastier. As long as you don’t have any damp issues, or a flat roof, then this is a relatively simple and cost effective way to reduce your heating bills. You could save around £120 a year just by having the correct level of insulation installed, according to the Energy Saving Trust.

5) Get your garden in shape

How does your garden grow? Clear out any weeds and perhaps even sew a ‘cover crop’ into your flower beds to protect the plants underneath over the winter. And if you have a favourite plant, why not cover it for protection during the winter months? Or perhaps, if it’s small and potted, why not bring it inside with you?

6) Lag your pipes

A frozen pipe can easily burst and cause considerable damage to your property. Cold snaps can hit us quickly in the UK so it’s best to be prepared by lagging your pipes now. There are different thicknesses of lagging available but always go for the thickest you can snuggly fit around the pipe.

There are plenty of other ways you can protect your house from the nippy weather approaching, from buying a draught excluder, to checking the doors and windows for any unexpected gaps that might let cold air in.

Just as you start to change your wardrobe in autumn, your house needs to prepare for the colder (and wetter) seasons, too! Is your home protected from weather or accidental damage? Call the Computerquote team today for a quote on 0800 328 5524.

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