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freeze your energy bills before the price hike

Freeze your utility bills before prices rise

The UK is bracing itself for five of the big six energy price hikes and CQ reveals how switching and fixing your energy prices could help you save a tidy sum for the future.

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top energy saving tips from computerquote insurance

Top 10 most cost-efficient ways to save energy at home

Top ten budget saving tips to make your home more efficient.

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High energy bills? Why now is the best time to switch and fix

Energy bills out of control? Switch and fix today and guarantee yourself a better deal for the years ahead

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Computerquote's top ten tips to saving money at home

Top 10 energy saving tips for the home

When it comes to reducing your utility bills, it’s not just a case of turning down the heating. There are steps you can take that don't have to blow the budget! Here are our top tips for improving the efficiency of your home so that you can get the most from your money.

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