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Whether you need pet insurance or not depends on your personal circumstances and choice. If you think you will be able to cover the cost of treatment to your pet yourself than you might not need it. However, vet fees can be very expensive and you might end up paying thousands of pounds when treating your pet. In those situations having the right cover can be of great importance or necessity. Ultimately it is your choice but if you do decide to insure your pet make sure you get the cover suitable to your needs. 

We provide cover for dogs and cats. Your pet needs to be at least 8 weeks old but there is no maximum age limit. 

It is important that you get the cover suitable for you. Some policies will cover your pet for life provided you renew your policy and keep premiums up to date. This type of policy will cost you more, but you'll have peace of mind if your pet develops a long-term condition such as diabetes. An Accident Only policy can also be an option, however, it will only cover sudden and unforeseen events causing injury to your pet as a direct result of an accident.

We also offer a 12 Month policy, which covers you for 12 months from the date the condition is first treated or until you have reached the policy limit. Once you have used up your policy limit or the 12 month period has passed for a condition then it becomes pre-existing and will be excluded from future claims. So it depends on your preferences and needs to determine what product is best for you. 

If your pet has had an illness or had been injured you will still be able to purchase pet insurance. You will need to inform us about these condtions or illnesses and unfortunately they will be classed as pre-existing and therefore will not be covered. These exclusions will not affect the price of your premium. 

You will get different benefits depending on the level of cover you choose. The standard benefits include cover for Veterinary Fees for accidents or illnesses, Complementary Medicine, Cruciate Ligament, CT/MRI Scans and Associated Costs and Third Party Liability. More comprehensive policies will have additional benefits, such as Emergency Boarding Kennel/Cattery Fees, Holiday Cancellation Cover, Loss by Theft or Straying or Advertising & Reward to name a few. 

Costs resulting from an illness will be excluded if you purchase an Accident Only policy. Any accidents, conditions and illnesses will be excluded if manifested or showed clinical signs before the commencement date of the policy and within the waiting period. The routine treatment, fleeing, dental scale & polish are also excluded. Please see policy documents for the full list of exclusions. 

Yes. It is vital that you inform us about any current or pre-existing conditions or illesses of your pet at the point of sale. Failure to do so might result in us voiding the policy or refusing to settle claims. 

We might decline your application for insurance  when you have not met the criteria set by our underwriters. For example, your pet might be one of the exluded breeds and where you live can be a factor too. 

It is the most comprehensive cover you can get. It provides lifetime cover for your pet provided you renew your policy year after year and keep premiums up to date. 

When you need to make a claim, you can either request a claim form online or call our pet claims team on 0330 102 5745 and request a form to be sent to you. 

For lifetime covers (Value Accident, Classic and Ultimate), the excess is £55 and applies per condition, per policy year.

For Standard Annual cover, the excess is £55 and applies per condition. 

Your pet has to be at least 8 weeks old at the start of cover, and there is no upper age limit. We do not stop offering cover when your pet is older, as long as there has not been a break in cover.

Depending on your status we may be able to offer payment of your policy in interest-free monthly instalments.

On all levels of cover there is a 24 hour waiting period applicable to accident only. There is also a 14-day waiting period for illness cover on all policies that cover illnesses. Any accidents or Illnesses that occur during the applicable waiting period will not be covered..

The claims excess is your contribution to the costs of treating your pet. The excess is £55 and this is paid by you per condition per year on all our policies except for Standard Cover where it is only paid once per condition.

For pets aged 8 and over, a 15% co-payment will apply to the remaining claim for veterinary fees, special diet and complementary medicine after the excess has been deducted, and for any claims for that condition thereafter.

If you need to make a claim under the Third Party Legal Liability section of the policy the excess is £250 and is paid once per claim.

This is the amount you pay towards the vet fee claim for each condition. For all pets aged 8 years and older the mandatory co-payment amount is 15%. This is in addition to the standard £55 excess. For example if you made a claim of £300 the initial excess of £55 would be deducted and you would then be required to pay 15% of the remaining £245 balance, which is £36.75. Therefore the total you would be required to pay towards the claim is £91.75.

Our policy provides insurance for reasonable, customary and essential fees typically charged by a vet in the provision of treatment.

Every claim is reviewed by our expert team of Internal Pet Claims Assessors and the cost compared against our database of similar cases.

You can track your claim on the website.

We aim to have your claim assessed within 5 working days providing we have received all the required information. 

Your pet will be covered for dental treatment but only as a direct result of an accident and any regular or illness related dentistry is excluded.

We can pay you or the vet just let us know on the claim form section. BACS payment is our preferred method although we can settle by cheque. 

To protect our environment, all documentation is sent via email. When your policy renews, your renewal notice, along with your schedule of insurance and policy wording will be emailed to you 14 days before your renewal date.

If you do not receive your documentation, please check your spam or junk email, as sometimes internet security settings may divert them here. If they are not there then call our friendly customer services team on 0800 840 1212 or email us at

Your premium is likely to increase as your pet ages because the risk of illnesses increases when your pet gets older.