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If you own the property, yes, it is advisable to have buildings insurance to protect your asset and to safeguard you in the event of a claim against you. If you have a mortgage your lenders will insist on the cover being in place.

It is advisable to have contents insurance as well, whether you own or rent.

If you own your own home Computerquote Insurance can offer policies that combine building and contents cover, which can be convenient.

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Buildings insurance covers the cost of damage to the structure of your property. This includes the roof, walls, ceilings, floors, doors and windows.

Outdoor structures such as garages, walls and patios are also included in standard policies. Fences are not covered.

Guide: Understanding your home insurance

Generally speaking, it is all items that you would take with you if you were to move house. This includes home furnishings, clothing, electrical items, carpets, items kept in sheds and garages and personal items. Insurers require expensive or high-risk items to be listed as specified items.

A joint policy holder can handle issues in relation to the home insurance, such as making amends during the policy period and reporting a claim. If your mortgage is in joint names then it is usual to have both names on the buildings insurance.

Your home re-build cost is based on how much it would cost to rebuild your property from scratch, including materials, labour and plant hire to clear the site.

This is not the market value of the house, which  varies according to location etc. To calculate the re-build cost the industry standard calculator from BCIS RICS can be a useful guide, but it does not cater for unusual or special features which can affect rebuild values.

Alternatively, professional help from a surveyor should be sought. If you have had a survey for your mortgage this will show the rebuild cost. Your insurers will index link the rebuild cost each year to ensure your security.

The best way is to go around room by room and list the items and value, do not forget the garage, outbuildings and garden.

Computerquote Insurance has created an easy to use contents calculator which allows you to input items for each room.

All our insurance policies offer new for old cover, apart from clothes and bedding. Retain purchase receipts for bigger and valuable items and do not forget to increase the value of your contents insurance if you make a major purchase.

Computerquote Insurance will send your home insurance documents by email, via a secure portal. It  is important that you provide an accurate email address. If you have not received your home insurance confirmation email, please check the junk box (sometimes emails hide in  here). If you're still having trouble receiving your policy documents, please contact us and we can advise further.

There are two types of excess, compulsory and voluntary. The compulsory excess is set by the insurer and cannot be changed. This is the amount you, the policy holder, would need to contribute to the settlement of a claim made under your policy.

Taking a voluntary excess may reduce your premium slightly, however, it is important to keep in mind that both the compulsory and voluntary excess will apply in the event of a claim and this will reduce your settlement.

A standard excess will apply to the basic policy cover e.g. fire, theft but higher excesses apply to the escape of water or subsidence.

Insurers ask about the type of locks on the external doors. Having a five point mortice lock that meets the British Standard 3621 is the minimum security required by most insurers. This type of lock makes it harder and more time consuming for someone to break in.

Guide: Do you know your locks?  

This is a window that can easily be reached and opened from outside, enabling access to the property.  

If you would like bike cover 'away from home' included on your policy, please request this at time of quoting. Bikes are only covered away from your property if they are insured under the 'All Risks' section of a contents policy.

Some policies have a limit on the value of the bikes they will ensure so if you have a very valuable bike make your insurance adviser aware.

There is some 'accidental damage cover' in all policies, this is typically called 'standard accidental damage', and includes, for example, bathroom fittings and fixed glass.

Additional, or extended, accidental damage may be added at the request of the policyholder and costs a little more.

The extended accidental damage will cover, for example, spilling a drink and staining a carpet or damaging a table top. Pet damage is not usually covered by any home insurance policy and DIY mishaps are not covered.

It is entirely your decision whether to request extended accidental damage cover or not.  

Your home, or your requirements, may mean that specialist advice is required to ensure you are fully covered, and some insurers specialise in covering risks that have unusual or 'non-standard' features or requirements.

Computerquote Insurance has a team of specialist home insurance advisers who will ensure that you are offered a suitable policy.

Specialist home insurance can include: adverse claims history, criminal convictions, flat roofs, let property, listed buildings, property renovations, subsidence, unoccupied property and unusual construction.

Specialist home insurance

Request a quote for specialist home insurance

A standard risk is owner/occupied home insurance for conventional properties.

Specialist home insurance encompasses homes that , for whatever reason, present a risk that is slightly different from usual i.e. non-standard.

This may be a feature of the property - maybe it is thatched, or has a swimming pool or is close to water, or it may be a feature of the risk itself, perhaps the property is going to be empty for a long period or  it is let or being renovated or you have a lodger.

Computerquote Insurance has a team of specialist home insurance advisers who understand 'non-standard' and can discuss the particular requirements associated with 'non-standard'. 

This is more difficult, but there are insurers who will consider your application. Speak to our specialist home insurance team who will go through the details with you and refer your insurance quote request to a panel of insurers who are willing to provide home insurance for people with criminal convictions.

Home insurance with criminal conviction history

Having the correct type of locks on your doors and windows, having a professionally maintained burglar alarm, by building up a 'no claims history', by not making excessive claims and maintaining your property to minimise claims will all help to make your property attractive to insurers to insure, so you will attract discounts and competitive premiums.

Deliberately insuring your home or possessions for less than their value to get cheaper insurance will result in any claim being settled at an equivalent lesser value (this is called 'applying an average').

No, but your mortgage provider will require confirmation cover has been arranged.

Your insurer will have contact details in the policy wording that you will be provided with when you purchase the cover.

Guide: How to make a claim

Not necessarily,  but any change should be advised to your insurer so that records are up to date.

Any permanent additional building that adds to the fabric of the property.

Yes, if you're planning on undertaking building works on your property, you need to advise your insurance broker.  

The insurer will require details of the intended work and the contractor. They will also need to be advised of the new rebuild cost of your property on completion of the extension.

It is important to check your builder's have public liability insurance in place to cover any accidental damage to your home, neighbour's property and public space (street outside) as this will not be covered by your policy.    

Computerquoteinsurance.com  offers excellent rates on single let properties, call us for a quotation.

However, if you have a larger portfolio,  speak to our sister company Stride Limited 023 9224 8780 or visit www.stride.co.uk,  as they can offer competitive landlord property insurance for rental portfolios.

Insurers will increase the level of contents cover automatically for a set period (usually 30 days) before and after pre-booked wedding dates and recognised religious festivals as they are aware that there will be an increase in items in the property during this period.  

This cover is generally referred to as  'contents in the open' in your home contents insurance policy. This includes loss of barbecues, garden furniture, pots and ornaments from transgressions such as theft and malicious damage. 

Cover limits vary from 'unlimited' down to £250. Check the value in the policy being offered to you if this cover is important to you. Remember gardening equipment and items like tables and chairs and barbecues should be put away in a locked shed after use.

This means that insurers will  replace an insured item that cannot be repaired with an equivalent new one, apart from clothing and bedding. 

Yes, this is possible. Cover may be restricted and terms will apply, and insurers will need to know if the property is going to be vacant long term.

Yes, this is commonly called 'All Risks' cover.

If an item is insured under 'All Risks' it is covered anywhere in the UK, and some insurers will insure jewellery for Europe and Worldwide.