Home insurance FAQs


What is combined buildings and contents insurance? How do I calculate the rebuild cost? What is home emergency cover? How do I make a home insurance claim? What should be added to specified items?

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Car insurance FAQs


How do I get cheap car insurance? Why has my premium gone up? How do I make a claim? Is breakdown cover included? Lots of care insurance frequently asked questions answered here.

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Can I insure my pet with an existing illness? What's the difference between the cover levels? How do I make a pet insurance claim? How many times can I make a claim? Your pet insurance questions answered.

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Motorcycle insurance FAQs


Can I get short term motorcycle insurance? Does my insurance cover my helmet and clothes? Can I use my car no claims bonus on bike insurance? Does motorbike insurance include pillion (passenger) cover?

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Van insurance quote


What vans do you cover? Are goods in transit covered? Are the contents (tools / equipment) of my van insured? Will my van insurance cover me for other vehicles? What is tradesman liability insurance?

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Travel insurance frequently asked questions


What is short term travel insurance? Are flight cancellations covered? Can I claim if I am ill? Is medical assistance included? Do you offer worldwide travel insurance? Can I extend my insurance?

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